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What are some good SEO strategies to get youtube views?


YouTube is a great source of web traffic. If YouTube was a search engine it would be the second largest behind Google. That’s how many people use YouTube search for relevant videos every day. A high ranking YouTube video can send an avalanche of traffic to your website. So how do you get these elusive rankings? In this article I’m going to share with you how to get your videos better ranking on YouTube.

For your convenience I’ve separated the YouTube video optimization methods into two categories. The first category is called content and the second is called engagement. Content has to do with the things within your control when creating and uploading your videos to YouTube. Engagement has more to do with the response your videos are getting from your audience.


How To Get YouTube Views

1. Title.

Titles are what make people click on videos. You’ll need to take some time to create a truly compelling title to each video and be sure to load your title with your most targeted keywords or phrase. Be careful not to over promise and under deliver. Ultimately your video will do well if your viewers approve and engage with it. If you make an overly aggressive title and fail to deliver on the content viewers are not likely to watch your video in its entirety, and or leave comments and share it.

2. Description.

Your description should be thorough and at least a couple of paragraphs. Be sure to include your targeted keywords and phrases. Unlike Google YouTube doesn’t do a good job with plurals and similar phrases. So if you want to rank well for a specific keyword or phrase you’ll need to enter that exact phrase. For example if you’re targeting “free websites” and “free website” you’ll need to include both phrases in the description.

3. Tags

Be sure to include at least 10 tags. Make sure they’re relevant to the video. If your video is all about something and you don’t include the tag it won’t get ranked on YouTube. It’s not semantic like Google. Meaning you’ll have to include every keyword and plural you want to get ranked for.

4. Transcription.

YouTube has a transcribe function. YouTube uses the transcription to help rank your video. Take the time to transcribe the video and upload the text file. It will also make your video closed caption and you’ll rank better for the video. Include your targeted keywords and keyword phrases in the transcription. There is some evidence the transcription doesn’t need to actually match the video. So sneaking a couple of extra keywords may be helpful.

5. Channel Authority.

Channel authority will be good if you’re consistently creating quality videos. You can build channel authority by getting views and creating engagement with your audience. Having a link to your YouTube channel from your website is one helpful way to get more channel views and authority.

6. Delivery.

Ultimately great video content has a way of rising to the top. So whatever you do make a quality video that people want to watch and share. If you’re creating a video about a subject be sure the title matches what’s actually in the video. People hate to get “Rick Rolled”.




This is a classic chicken and egg problem. To get views you need to get found – to get found you need views. You can start getting views by promoting your videos on other places across the web. Share your videos on your Twitter, Facebook, website, and wherever else you can think of. Once you start getting views it will help your video go popular on YouTube.

2. Inbound Links

Just like Google YouTube uses inbound links as part of their algorithm. Be sure to link to your videos from as many external websites as possible.

3. Social Shares

You need to share straight from YouTube to Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and other social media websites.

4. Embeds

Encourage people to embed your videos. Be sure to embed all your videos on your own website or blog.


Don’t try to game the system try to inspire conversation. It helps to reply to posts to keep the conversation going. Try to encourage people to do video responses.

6. Likes and Favorites

Encourage people to like and favorite your video. This will rely heavily on your creating great videos.

By following these steps you’re sure to get your videos to show up when people search YouTube and even Google. The more video views the more opportunity to convey information and drive traffic to your website.

Make Your YouTube Video go viral?

YouTube is rapidly becoming a hub for entrepreneurs. From small to large scale businesses, everyone wanna cash out the immense possibilities of this video portal. This clarifies why there are tons of uploads every single minute. With hundreds of thousands videos online and ginormous traffic, it makes perfect sense to use YouTube in your marketing campaign. Although just creating a great video and uploading it in your YouTube account isn’t enough these days, the market of video marketing is on the rise which is turning YouTube into the battle arena. To make sure your YouTube video go viral and reach the right audience, several tactics need to be followed; or else your ideas of conquering the YouTube won’t be manifested. Here are some strategies that will help you to get maximum out of YouTube.

YouTube Rankings

Make Your YouTube Video go viral
Did you know that Google uses more than 200 signals in their ranking algorithm? Compared to Google, YouTube algorithm isn’t that complex nevertheless easy to rank. Here is a list of few important ranking signals.

  • Length of video.
  • Description of Video.
  • Like and dislikes.
  • Number of people subscribed to your YouTube channel after watching that video.
  • Tags and comments.
  • Average watch time of a video.

These were just few to mention, there are plenty more. Using these social signals to optimize your YouTube video will not just boost your view count, but also enhance the user engagement. Here is how it’s done:

Adding Keywords

Adding keywords to your YouTube video is always a good idea, it would help you to rank for that particular keyword within YouTube and even get your videos on the front page of Google. Typing “ cooking pasta” in YouTube search bar returns thousands of videos as a search result, so try being more specific while adding keywords, for ex: adding “cooking pasta in 10 minutes” would be more relevant and targeted. Spend some time researching on the keywords being used in your niche, this will provide you better chances to rank.

Writing good previews

Writing good previews is as important as adding keywords to the video. Some people like to check descriptive previews before actually watching a video. To get them, create an impressive description that will guide them to understand what’s forthcoming. Be specific while writing a preview; don’t go overboard or too short. People will proceed to your video or just skip to the next depending on whether your preview entertain them in a way they are searching.

Sharing Video

Each one of us belong to at least one or more online communities or social media websites. These are the ideal spots to showcase your videos, especially if the community is related to your niche or brand. Don’t just start posting bunches of videos altogether, it doesn’t usually go well in most of the online communities. Posting too many videos at a time seems more like a spam; start by posting a single video, explain briefly the reason to post and what would you expect they gain from watching the video. People won’t usually mind if the videos provide some value to their life, posting videos on a trending topic has always been an effective strategy.