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Where can I find the best Marijuana Dispensary in Ottawa?

Ottawa Marijuana Dispensaries

Are you looking for a local Marijuana Dispensary in Ottawa? There are a couple I have come across in my recent visit to the nations capital. The first one that appear to have a total monopoly over the market is http://magnaterra.ca

They have setup several dispensaries around the Ottawa area including a new on on Montreal RD. When you first walk into one of these dispensaries they ask right away to see your MMC (Medical Marijuana Card) and then you have to fill in some information about your illness through there online form. Once your form is filled out you get buzzed to go backstage and select the type of bud you’d like. Very quality but the price is a bit expensive compared to other dispensaries.


Taking a look at another one The OMD

It seems that magnaterra was once OMD and one of the partners decided to branch of into another direction. You can find them on here www.therealomd.ca Ig: therealomd fb: @therealomd.