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What do Sideway Cross Necklaces Mean?

Jewelry gives meaning to your attire along with complete looks. Among different jewelry options, necklaces are always the focal point of appearance. They are highly diversified, charming and a symbol of status among many communities. Since the ancient times, they are fairly loved form of jewelry. Be it a festive season, party or marriage celebration; beautiful necklace jazz up your entire attire.

Among different types of necklaces worn these days, one popular necklace is becoming a hot trend among celebrities and public alike. These are “sideway cross necklaces”, they were the most touted jewelry of 2016 but the fashion experts believe it to be a big trend this year as well. However, aside from a fashion item, the sideway cross necklaces have a more subtle and significant meaning. So what’s the meaning of sideway cross necklace?

A sideway cross can be worn by anyone regardless of religious beliefs, for theists, it’s a medium to show their devotion in an artistic manner while for others it’s just a hot trending fashion merchandise. Here are a few meanings associated with sideway cross.

Symbolizing Earth

Sideway Cross Necklaces Mean
Standing cross symbolizes Sky and heaven, whereas sideway cross is the representation of the earth; the place where we start our life and perform our actions. It reminds us of our origin and warns us to control our ego, the mother of anger and greed. It also reminds us to live our lives to the fullest and contribute to the worldly benefits. We mustn’t forget our place on this earth and consider everyone equal irrespective of religion, region and gender.

Representing the daily life struggle

Some people believe it to be the symbol of Jesus carrying cross in his shoulders, representing the daily struggles of a common man in his day to day life and the divine willpower to tackle all those hardships. It reminds us of the duality of life; after every night there is a day and every new day is followed by a night, that’s the exact philosophy of life. We must not lose hope in the rainy days and strive to change the situation with our strong will and courage.

Fashion Symbol

Plenty of other wear sideway cross just because of its hot trend, it’s beautiful asymmetry and charming looks makes it a perfect addition to your jewelry collection. In recent years, many renounced celebrities were spotted wearing sideway cross, making it a hot jewelry which every fashion enthusiasts wanna try at least once irrespective of faith and beliefs.