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How can we use online marketing to promote business’s ?


What can you use to promote your business?

In nowadays world, having an online business is much easier and better then having a regular business.You don’t need to have any certification, or a place to rent and design, you will only have to buy a host, and a website, where you can upload your webshop, or your companies website.

But the process of marketing an online business does not stop at uploading a website. A lot of company owners think that if they upload their website to the internet, it will magically appear at the top of Google, and hundreds of visitors will come. Well, that is not how it works. You will have to use Payed Ads or SEO. SEO Mean search engine optimization, and it is a process what helps you to rank higher in googles list for certain keyword. While Payed Ads can be expensive, and not effective when not set up right, they still show instant results. On the other hand, if you hire an SEO, you will not have to do anything just sit and wait, because it takes a much longer time, but in the and, your site will stay there, without paying anything. An SEO campaign takes about 4-6 months usually, of course the time depends of the difficulty of your keyword, but most sites get on page 1 within 6 months.

Apart from SEO and Payed Ads, you still have some choices to advertise your online businesses. If you have blog connections, then reach out to these bloggers, and ask them to write an article about your business, and put a link of your website in it. If you choose a popular blog, you will not only get a lot of traffic, but high quality links as well, which helps your site rank higher. You can talk to other bloggers as well, and buy some guest posts!