How Can I Make Money Blogging?


Nowadays blogging is the best option to build your presence on the internet. Started back in around 2000, trend continues to thrive, providing insight into the life of many. However, did you know that you could make a pretty good amount of cash from blogging alone? Countless people earn part-time or even full-time income from their blogs. With the right information and consistent efforts, it’s easy to start your career as a blogger and earn full time from your house. Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

Do Some Research On Your Niche

Before starting a blog you might wanna decide on the subject that interests you. Choosing the right topic is the first step towards a successful blog, personally I would prefer to start a blog about my hobbies or the subjects of my expertise. In this manner I could write quality posts, without spending much of a time. For the beginners, don’t choose something you are totally unaware of or the subject with very little to write.

Creating The Blog

After deciding the theme of your blog, it’s time to move to step 2, Blogspot and WordPress provides bloggers a free medium to create their blogs, although it’s better to stay away from these free solutions if you wanna monetize your blog in the later stages. Register a nice catchy domain name relating to the theme of a blog, select either a.COM or .Net, if the blog is Geo-targeted, you may try local Tld’s. You would also need a better hosting to host your blog; it costs just a few bucks each month. Since your blog is in infant phase and won’t utilize much resource; shared hosting package would be great. Now, finally it’s time to setup a blog, at this point you may either hire a programmer or just use free CMS. I prefer to create blogs using WordPress, it’s free, easy to install even for a person alien to programming and provides great functionality making it the first choice of bloggers.

Writing Content

After creating your first blog, it’s time to work. Here you need to deliver your best if you really wanna grow your blog and make a living online. Create quality blog posts, update your blog at least few times a week, be friendly to your followers and reply to their comments. Don’t even try to monetize your blog during initial phase; it’s time to build trust between you and the audience. For further exposure, create social media pages of your blog and let your fans know when you add something new to the blog. Create an email list of visitors interested in your blog; this comes in handy while promoting affiliate offers. Finally, optimize your blog to search engines for better search visibility, remember search engines like Google, Yahoo are the best source of organic traffic.

Monetizing your blog

As your blog starts getting some regular hits, you might wanna monetize your blog and get some real cash out of it. Sign up for Google Adsense, it’s an advertisement network by Google and pays you for displaying their ads on your blog. Apply for an Adsense account; it may take 3 to 7 days for the approval process. Once your blog grows and starts getting steady traffic, you can also try selling advertising spots to the different companies in your niche or promote affiliate products and services via your blog.